Delhi Faculties Gives Tips To Crack SSC CGL 2017

Successful tactics to gear up for the SSC CGL Tier 1 exam

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the combined graduate level (CGL) exam every year which is also one of the most popular and prestigious exams of the country. SSC CGL exam is known to be the stairway to a reputable life for all its successful aspirants. Where the vision of a reputable position, job security and various other perks draws students towards it, the aspect of an unplanned approach, insufficient awareness about the exam and improper preparation techniques, creates hurdles in their journey. To evade all that hinders your success, and make you aware about all that can work as a catalyst, we have listed the top 5 strategies that’ll aid you in your preparation for the BIG exam.

  1. Understand what the exam is about

What is SSC? What is the combined graduate level exam for? What does it offer? What is the syllabus and exam pattern that it follows? These are some of the essential questions whose answers you should know prior to beginning the preparation. Once you’re aware of the important ssc recruitment details, you will begin your preparation in the correct direction for sure.

  1. Prepare a timetable

Time plays a vital role in preparing for any competitive exam, and you can’t afford dilemma or confusion or any kind of wastage of time at this point. Prepare a time-table and divide your course. This can be easy. What’s difficult is to actually follow it. What can help you in a scenario where each second matters is a method that helps you follow your study schedule along with giving you expert guidance. Fulfilling both the criteria, Edu-drives pendrive- a pendrive course for SSC and Bank exams, is your savior in disguise. Continue reading “Delhi Faculties Gives Tips To Crack SSC CGL 2017”

6 common mistakes students make while preparing for SSC CGL exam

Since the SSC notification has been released the previous month, and registration for SSC CGL 2017 is now over,  it’s time you approach a more strategic methodology to begin your preparation for one of the most prestigious exams. While we are well aware of the perks SSC has to offer, we also know that being one of the most eminent exams, it’s not a cakewalk. To make you cautious about faults that often go unnoticed by students, after a discussion with successful aspirants, team Edu-drives has listed 6 common mistakes that students often make while preparing for the SSC CGL exam.

  1. Having multiple things on a single plate

With a goal to achieve the best in life, students often go hay-wire and begin aiming at everything possible, leading themselves nowhere. The most paramount technique is to work to your fullest potential and channel your concentration and energy towards a single goal, so that the best possible results can been encountered.

  1. Collecting excess study material

Yes, you read this right. ‘Too much study material’ is also a thing when it comes to exams like SSC and Bank.  Every book has a different tactic for a question, and in an exam where time management plays the most important role, why would you want to waste any being confused? A more strategic approach is to opt for online ssc entrance preparation and mock tests that keep you well versed with previous patterns and the most frequent questions.

  1. Unplanned preparation

When you’re preparing for any exam, your focus should lie not on just one particular domain, but all the sections the syllabus comprises of, but this where the students lack. While preparing for SSC, one does not just focus on English, or quantitative aptitude, or general knowledge, or reasoning- you pay equal attention to all of them. Team Edu-drives, which offers a pendrive course for SSC and Bank exams, ensures that uniformity is maintained when it comes to the exam preparation, and the student has sound knowledge of every section he’s supposed to attempt.  This assists the student in deciding which section actually needs more attention.

  1. Ignorance of exam pattern and syllabus

Understanding the complete exam pattern and syllabus is necessary for leveling up your game for the SSC CGL exam. If you choose online ssc entrance preparation, you will note that SSC CGL exam has a repetitive trend where the questions are repeated over the years. When you’re well-versed with the syllabus and exam pattern, you will tactfully channel your attention towards topics that have been given more preference over the years. Taking care of this, Edu-drives pendrives ensure that every our students understand the pattern and syllabus at the beginning itself, so that better strategies are adopted to approach the topics.

  1. Getting confused between notes

This is one of the most obvious yet underestimated mistakes students make in their course of preparation. Trying to note down every important aspect the book points out, students become lost in the pile of papers they are bound to keep track of, and thus not only waste a lot more time, but also miss out on the important things they need to later revise. An online platform or a pendrive course for SSC and Bank will be your way out of this hassle, as digitization is the key.

  1. Avoiding revision

Panic strikes when the exam day comes near and this leads to ignorance of minute yet important aspects in the course of good preparation. Always remember, if you’re not thorough with what you’ve already learnt, grasping new content will not be of much use either. So make sure, revision is done nicely before the exam to remind you of all the important tricks and strategies that you’d need.


Summing it up, one should always be well-versed with what they’re heading for before they even begin, so that an optimized result is achieved. Keeping track of all the common mistakes and not repeating them is necessary for a better strategy. Team Edu-drives, aiming to be the best guidance as an online coaching for SSC CGL 2017, wishes all the aspirants good luck!



7 Reasons why SSC CGL is the most sought after exam among degree holders in India

The government sector is the most desired when it comes to employment. Famous for offering a prestigious career and distinguished facilities, it is one of the most sought after exams among graduates in India, today. Every year the Staff Selection Commission conducts the combined graduate level exam, which recruits staff in various categories and departments. Keeping in mind previous year’s record, about 14.25 lakh graduates occurred for the SSC CGL tier 1 exam in 2016 and 1.49 lakh qualified for tier 2. The aspirants adopt various preparation strategies such as a coaching for SSC, self-preparation using books, online SSC entrance preparation through video tutorials and content, or a pendrive course for SSC and Bank exams. But what intrigues everybody is the question that what makes this exam so popular? Here we give you 7 reasons why SSC is one of the most popular exams.

  1. Social esteem

The major reason why so many graduates apply for SSC CGL exam is the social standing that employment in the Central Government brings along. Students aspire for a job in the Central Government not only because of the salary it has to offer, but the respect they automatically gain with the tag. Inestimable hours spent in studying books, reading immeasurable study content offered by sites for online ssc entrance preparation and unimaginable efforts spent on achieving your goal, harvest good results.

  1. Job security

Are you looking for a career that is recession proof? Then Central Government jobs are your best call! Unlike the private sector, government sector jobs are secure and stable. Not only do they provide you while you’re employed, they also support you with plenty of perks once you retire. Now you know another major reason why SSC CGL exam is experiencing increments in candidate applications every year.

  1. Prompt promotions

Unlike the private sector, admirable attention is given to each employee’s experience as a government officer, and rewards are allotted as promotions in the sector. Seniority has its own perks, and promotions are not that difficult to attain if you know how to put up a great show and work with dedication.

  1. Salary boost

This is one reason that appeals graduates the most- salary hike! A regular review of salary structure takes place in the Central Government, and there is no way that an employee is taken for granted. This is one major motivation behind determined aspirants and their extreme efforts to succeed.

  1. Career growth

There is no doubt about the ample opportunities SSC lays for its existing staff members to prosper and grow. It conducts departmental competitive exams whose performance results decide the speed of a member’s career progression.  If you want a recession free career path that promises progression at intervals, gear up with an online coaching for SSC CGL 2017.

  1. Uniform opportunities

Evading discrimination in the real sense, Central Government is a transparent recruiter. No caste, no religion no other parameter influences your opportunities, and if you are a staff member, the only parameter that affects your success is your diligence.

  1. Balanced lifestyle

Ask any successful aspirant who is now a staff member in the Central Government, and you will know how beautifully he/she is able to maintain the work-life balance. Yes, you can pay attention to your personal life and rejuvenate, unlike the scenario in the private sector.

These 7 perks make success in the SSC CGL exam all the more lucrative. Gear up and start preparing for Tier 1 with all your potential and as much time as you can. For utilizing the remaining time to the fullest, an online coaching for SSC CGL 2017 is your best choice!

SSC CGL Tier 1 exam 2017: Application deadline is extended until June 19

SSC CGL Tier 1 exam 2017: Application deadline is extended until June 19
SSC CGL Tier 1 exam 2017: Application deadline is extended until June 19

Candidates who wish to appear for SSC CGL examination 2017 are hereby notified that the application deadline has now been extended three days for filling the application form for the examination. Now the application forms can be filled till 5pm,19th June, 2017. Hurry up if you haven’t filled yours already!

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