5 tricks that will help you stop procrastinating and start studying for the SSC CGL exam 2017

In the words of Christopher Parker, “Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.” You’re not the only one if you find daydreaming more appealing than completing your pending tasks. While unsolved questions yearn to be solved, you probably waste unreasonable amount of time scrolling through social media, and hours later regret the unfinished routine of the day.
With less than a month left before the SSC CGL 2017 exam knocks your door, you have to prepare in full swing without wasting a single opportunity to grasp and practice more. While online SSC entrance preparation covers your back, team Edu-Drives has come up with 5 strategies to fight procrastination and awaken the hard worker within.

1. Let the distractions take a snooze
Before it actually hit me, I really thought staring at the wall and not completing due tasks was some joke, but no. Something this futile can also take up those golden hours of your day when you’ve lost the motivation to study. Remind yourself what your goals are, stay updated with every competition detail that’s supposed to keep you encouraged to work harder and remember each day how these little distractions can cause damage beyond understanding. Let the distractions take a nap till you decide to take a break.

2. Choose interesting sources for study material

It’s been noted that where there is no interest and appeal, procrastination and poor results follow. While designing our pendrive course for SSC and Bank preparation, we ensured that each and every detail is paid attention to, and the preparation is more of a choice than a compulsion. Interesting methods of teaching, challenging yet intriguing questions, and flexible study schedules make a perfect success-magnet.

3. Start when you feel most alert
Pay close attention to your body clock and note down those hours of the day when you yawn the least and feel more energetic than ever. Rather than following preconceived notions carved in our minds by our friends and family, adopt what suits your mind and body the most because every individual is different. When you study during the hours where your mental alarm rings at a high volume, your procrastination levels will go down at a fast rate.

4. Start with small portions of curriculum
Have you realized how we procrastinate majorly when the task at hand requires more energy than what we’re ready to invest? To fight the lethargy, you have to start dividing your curriculum into smaller portions. This will not only increase your efficiency, but also help you utilize more than waste. Once you start on this journey and productively complete the small targets, the motivation to study and learn more soon will only increase tenfold.

5. Allot yourself finishing targets and deadlines
Break down your curriculum and assign yourself small portions that need to be completed within a time frame. Let the countdown keep ringing in your head so you know how much room there is for wastage, and how much need there is of the highest level of efficiency. Once you learn to master the art of completing these targets, you’ll be ready to bid goodbye to procrastination.

So dear aspirants, it’s time to take off your procrastination shoes and buck up, because SSC CGL 2017 is almost here!

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