7 Reasons why SSC CGL is the most sought after exam among degree holders in India

The government sector is the most desired when it comes to employment. Famous for offering a prestigious career and distinguished facilities, it is one of the most sought after exams among graduates in India, today. Every year the Staff Selection Commission conducts the combined graduate level exam, which recruits staff in various categories and departments. Keeping in mind previous year’s record, about 14.25 lakh graduates occurred for the SSC CGL tier 1 exam in 2016 and 1.49 lakh qualified for tier 2. The aspirants adopt various preparation strategies such as a coaching for SSC, self-preparation using books, online SSC entrance preparation through video tutorials and content, or a pendrive course for SSC and Bank exams. But what intrigues everybody is the question that what makes this exam so popular? Here we give you 7 reasons why SSC is one of the most popular exams.

  1. Social esteem

The major reason why so many graduates apply for SSC CGL exam is the social standing that employment in the Central Government brings along. Students aspire for a job in the Central Government not only because of the salary it has to offer, but the respect they automatically gain with the tag. Inestimable hours spent in studying books, reading immeasurable study content offered by sites for online ssc entrance preparation and unimaginable efforts spent on achieving your goal, harvest good results.

  1. Job security

Are you looking for a career that is recession proof? Then Central Government jobs are your best call! Unlike the private sector, government sector jobs are secure and stable. Not only do they provide you while you’re employed, they also support you with plenty of perks once you retire. Now you know another major reason why SSC CGL exam is experiencing increments in candidate applications every year.

  1. Prompt promotions

Unlike the private sector, admirable attention is given to each employee’s experience as a government officer, and rewards are allotted as promotions in the sector. Seniority has its own perks, and promotions are not that difficult to attain if you know how to put up a great show and work with dedication.

  1. Salary boost

This is one reason that appeals graduates the most- salary hike! A regular review of salary structure takes place in the Central Government, and there is no way that an employee is taken for granted. This is one major motivation behind determined aspirants and their extreme efforts to succeed.

  1. Career growth

There is no doubt about the ample opportunities SSC lays for its existing staff members to prosper and grow. It conducts departmental competitive exams whose performance results decide the speed of a member’s career progression.  If you want a recession free career path that promises progression at intervals, gear up with an online coaching for SSC CGL 2017.

  1. Uniform opportunities

Evading discrimination in the real sense, Central Government is a transparent recruiter. No caste, no religion no other parameter influences your opportunities, and if you are a staff member, the only parameter that affects your success is your diligence.

  1. Balanced lifestyle

Ask any successful aspirant who is now a staff member in the Central Government, and you will know how beautifully he/she is able to maintain the work-life balance. Yes, you can pay attention to your personal life and rejuvenate, unlike the scenario in the private sector.

These 7 perks make success in the SSC CGL exam all the more lucrative. Gear up and start preparing for Tier 1 with all your potential and as much time as you can. For utilizing the remaining time to the fullest, an online coaching for SSC CGL 2017 is your best choice!

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