Why is RRB NTPC one of the most popular exams in India? All benefits of RRB NTPC jobs explained

The Railway Recruitment Board is all set to release the RRB NTPC exam 2019 admit cards while candidates continue to work their fingers to the bone to achieve successful results. Renowned for the number of job opportunities and vacancies it offers, RRB NTPC Exam 2019 is one of the most prestigious exams among the upcoming government exams 2019. The RRB is known to offer an authoritative career and noteworthy facilities to candidates who secure jobs and is one of the most glorious exams among upcoming government exams 2019 in India. Have you ever wondered what makes the RRB NTPC exam this popular? Why do lakhs of candidates appear for this exam every year? Well, the reasons mentioned below will justify why the RRB NTPC exam is one of the most sought after exams in India and why you should consider it.

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1. Railway Job is a 100% government job
The Railway Recruitment Board is apparently the largest recruiter for government jobs in India and is thus a very popular alternative for aspirants who wish to establish a career in the government sector. The Non-technical popular Category offers a wide range of jobs which encompass managerial and administrative roles. With a large variety of profiles, the improvisation of goals takes place too. You can now choose the best from the lot rather than settling for the only possible domain.

2. Continuous learning
Once you attain your desired post after clearing the RRB NTPC exam, you’re mistaken if you think your journey ends there. The non-technical jobs offered by the Indian Railways incorporate a continuous curve of learning which is ceaseless. At every stage your knowledge will increase and you will in fact become better each day. The scope of your tasks will vary from time to time. Hence, increasing your scope of learning too.

3. Provides various allowances
The Railway Recruitment Board of India distributes salary according to various posts, but also couples it with ample allowances and benefits. These allowances are varying from post to post, but are noteworthy as they are equal, and sometimes greater than your salary. These allowances are:

  • Pension Scheme
  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Cash Medical Benefit
  • Group Mediclaim

4.Limited workload
It needs to be highlighted that even though there is not term such as ‘monotonous work’ in the Railway Recruitment Board and one experiences varying categories of work, but the work load is lesser compared to other government jobs. This way you get to learn more without really stressing yourself out.

The Railway Recruitment Board announced approximately 35,000 vacancies in the RRB Recruitment 2019 notification for this year and the reasons mentioned above clearly justify why lakhs of students will be appearing for it. With the exam very near, we hope your preparation is as per your goals, and the revision is taking place in full swing.

Why is practicing mock tests for competitive exams highly recommended?

Every aspirant who’s emerged with successful results in government exams of India has one prime advice to offer- practice as many mock tests as possible. Renowned educators who strive day in and day out to guide candidates towards their goals have also been seen infusing mock test attempts in their preparation plans for RRB NTPC, SBI PO, SSC CGL, CAT etc. Are you one of those students who fail to understand why mock tests are so important? Well, you’re not alone. A number of aspirants do not comprehend the gravity of attempting mock tests regularly and this is why we’ve assembled the most important reasons behind every winner’s ideology of practicing mock tests religiously. You need to understand the benefits before you enjoy them.

1. Virtual exam environment
The RRB NTPC exam 2019 is the next most important exam that lakhs of Indians are looking forward to. How about you get to give the exam multiple times, mend your mistakes with each attempt, and eventually emerge victorious with bright results? Well, mock tests give you that privilege. Mock test papers will create an environment similar to the actual exam. With the exact same exam pattern and time duration, they will help you understand the dimensions of the competitive exam better.

Know the most important tips for RRB NTPC exam 2019

2. Real assessment
Nothing can assess your performance better than results and mock tests do that just like the real exam. When you complete your syllabus it’s paramount to know where you stand and only continuous assessment can contribute to your growth and preparation. All in one mock tests for government exams make you aware about how well prepared you are keeping in mind the varying difficulty of questions. With rigorous practice you will not only understand your mistakes but will also have the golden opportunity to rectify them.

3. Boost confidence
80 out of 100 students have sworn by mock tests when it comes to confidence and positivity during exam time. We know that exam time instills anxiety, nervousness and doubt in every aspirant because they’ve been working to their maximum potential for months and the thought of loopholes and failures makes them highly skeptical. Once you begin attempting mock tests you constantly assess your preparation and rectify the errors you’ve been making. This improves your preparation, performance and the good scores that follow are bound to boost your confidence in yourself.

4. Regular revision of complete syllabus
Yes, mock tests are curated in the exact manner your exam question papers are formed. The weightage given to each topic is based on its occurrence in the previous years’ question papers and this is why we say that mock tests are Xerox copies of the real exam. You constantly revise concepts, tricks and you enhance the ways to apply them.

Indeed, the above mentioned points have proven that mock tests curate the solution to your exam- related anxiety, stress and nervousness. Complete your syllabus and attempt as many mock tests as you can before appearing for the actual exam. Still feel like procrastinating? Read the points again.

4 important tips to remember before the RRB NTPC Exam 2019

The Railway Recruitment Board will conduct the RRB NTPC exam for the Non-Technical Popular categories sometime between the months of June to September. This exam is definitely one of the most popular exams is India and provides excellent opportunities for all candidates seeking a government job in the railway sector. The RRB has announced a large number of vacancies in the RRB NTPC Exam 2019 with the latest RRB NTPC Notification 2019. Keeping in mind all the perks the RRB NTPC Recruitment 2019 has to offer, the competition for the vacancies is unimaginable.

Candidates work hard all throughout the year with an ambition to attain a government job that not only provides immense respect but also unparalleled personal growth. Aspects that follow the aspiration of clearing this exam are determination, concentration, hard work, and the correct strategy of preparation. To ensure that your RRB NTPC Exam 2019 preparation plan is efficient and you conquer what you desire, team Edu-Drives has enlisted the most eminent tips that you must keep in mind to boost your performance in the RRB NTPC Exam 2019.

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1.Be punctual
It’s extremely important for candidates to be in the right state of mind when they’re attempting the RRB NTPC exam 2019 question paper. This can be achieved with punctuality, organization and discipline. Reach the examination center before time so that you’re not in a hurry and extremely relaxed. You’ll not only be saving effort but a lot of time as well.

2.Complete your syllabus in advance
For you to perform well in the exam, it’s paramount that you leave no loopholes that might give unexpected results. You must cover every topic and domain at least once before you appear for the exam so that there’s no room left for regrets. Visit important sites and blogs that give useful information related to the RRB NTPC syllabus 2019 or the important topics for RRB NTPC exam 2019. These will prove to be extremely useful in your preparation.

3.Revise the important topics thoroughly
You have been told repeatedly that it’s important for candidates to do revision before the exam. This is because revision is the best way to mend mistakes and prepare better. Revise everything if possible, but pay more attention to the topics that have been frequently asked in the RRB NTPC previous year question papers. This will help you better and save time. It’s human tendency to keep forgetting, but continuous revision will strengthen your concepts and broaden your techniques.

4.Give minimum one month to mock tests
Yes, you definitely need to take out MINIMUM one month to regularly attempt RRB NTPC mock tests and RRB NTPC online test series. We strongly recommend you to take up the all in one mock test series so that you get a clear understanding of your level of preparation, mend your mistakes in time, and enhance the skill of time management.

We assure you that with these important tips for RRB NTPC Exam 2019, you’re all set to fly high and achieve your goal. Good luck!

The shift to digital education is the potion you need to succeed

Since technology has been seen influencing millions of lives today, the transition from books to computers has been real and rapid. With growing popularity, the digital tools incorporated in spreading learning opportunities across the globe are enhancing, transforming too. This term, Digital Education, that is a blend of technology and education is a more reformed way of educating individuals who wish to learn and make a difference to their lives and the lives of those around them. It is a means to make education accessible to all. It’s time that archaic methods of education are given a rest and this stellar form of education with state of the art technology is adopted.

From educating individuals who reside in the most unapproachable lands to making education feasible for all, digital learning is the advancement India has been yearning for all this while. Since the evolution of technology, its perks have been the driving force behind Edu-Drives’ pen drive courses that aim to provide education to every candidate who desires knowledge and a solid career post in the government sector. But belief requires reasons, and here we have listed the main reasons why you should make the shift from print to digital.

1.Unlimited access to regularly updated content
Pen drive courses are curated with state of the art technology, tools and ensure the best quality content, inclusive of video and theoretical content, for students to prepare of competitive exams with the best strategies possible. The software used to build the learning platform also ensures that the content is updated regularly based on the most recent requirements and techniques, so that aspirants are at par with their competitors.

2.Brings the best educators in the country to your doorstep
Well, it’s quite logical that every domain has a separate educator excelling at it, who’s also residing in one remote part of the country, while other educators reside in another. So how does one plan to obtain the best tricks and content to perform well in competitive exams? Travelling across the country is certainly not an option. Digital Learning has got this problem fixed for you. Digital learning brings together the most beneficial content by the most renowned teachers in the country on a single platform- a pen drive course. You can now sit at home and enjoy the power of stellar study content.

3.The benefit of individualized learning
With Edu-Drives’ pen drive courses for competitive exams, we can proudly assure you that you choose 24*7 assistance from experts who strive day in and day out to stimulate young minds. This is why it’s easier to form a study plan based on your progress, pace and preferences. You’re the master of your techniques and you’re able to mold a schedule that is personalized and all the more beneficial to your growth. You no longer need to waste time worrying about anybody else’s progress sitting in a classroom, while it’s your time to work on your concepts and perform better each day.

4.Real-time exam environment
We believe that the biggest perk of digital education and pen drive courses for government exams is the real feel of an exam that these provide. In today’s era, most exams are held online and it’s paramount for candidates to be well-prepared for computer based tests. Well, pen drive courses built with aplenty mock test papers for government exams and online test series are in fact a way to practice in the real environment of a competitive exam without actually appearing for the actual one.

While digital learning fosters in students the ability to be technically and conceptually sound for a competitive exam, it has more to it than is visible to the eyes. The cost viability, the personalized flexibility and the unparalleled accessibility is what real education implies. With all these perks, it’s been rightly said that Digital Learning is your key to success.

All in one mock test series

“I attempted mock tests every day for more than a month and I’ll always be thankful” says almost every candidate who has scored high in India’s prestigious government exams. Have you heard educators repeatedly asking candidates to enroll themselves in online test series for government exams? Have you come across several interviews where achievers emphasize on attempting as many all in one mock tests for all government exams? Well, the reason behind this emphasis and advice is solid and fruitful. Mock tests are made up of every tiny detail that candidates usually fail to figure out when they’re busy in completing the syllabus. Mock tests are the fuel to your engine- you need it to get your car running.

If you ever find yourself in doubt, whether you should be investing time in attempting mock tests rather than revising your syllabus repeatedly, read the key points mentioned below that prove why mock test papers are the oxygen your result needs to breathe.

1.Gives you the analysis you need
It’s been said that no one can analyze your mistakes better than you. That said, you need the right kind of environment to test yourself sufficiently before you enter the battlefield. Well, mock tests generate that real-time environment for you. It’s important for you to analyze every aspect of attempting a government exam before you actually appear for it. From time management required in each section of the question paper to analyzing your preparation based on the level of difficulty- only a mock test can give you the most appropriate results. This is one major reason why aspirants believe in attempting various mock tests before the actual exam.

2.Teaches you helpful strategies to manage time
Earlier we mentioned how mock tests cover every aspect of an exam which time management plays a vital role in. Once you begin giving mock tests, you analyze how much time each section requires and what particular topic takes up most of your time. This guides you towards better preparation of those particular topics, better division of time and the correct strategy which includes attempting ‘most of the questions’ and not all, but scoring 100% in all of those.

3.Gives you the chance to devise new techniques
Do you know how mock tests are capable of stimulating your mind? You begin to rack your brains when mock tests are treated with the same sincerity as an actual exam. With every question that comes your way, your strategy to apply the basic concepts improves. With each attempt and a new set of questions your ability to perform and learn improves to a great extent. You begin to devise newer tricks to attempt a question, which proves that practice does make a man perfect.

4.Fosters strategic growth and improved knowledge
Mock tests have proven to open the door for the light of knowledge to a great extent. This is why Edu-Drives’ all in one mock test series for all government exams has immense efforts and knowledge invested in it. We believe that knowledge is of use only when it’s spread across every corner that desires it. An economically feasible mock test series that focuses on not only one but all prestigious exams is exactly what you need.

The time has come when a number of prestigious government exams are about to arrive at your doorstep and you have to leave no stone unturned to succeed towards your goal. Beat the stress and believe in yourself. You will definitely reap the fruits of your hard work.

RRB NTPC Preparation 2019- General Awareness

The RRB NTPC recruitment notification 2019 has indicated that the Railway Recruitment Board will hold the prestigious RRB NTPC Exam 2019 sometime between June and September. This exam is one of the most popular upcoming government exams 2019 because of the productive careers it has to offer to every candidate who aims for a government job in the Railway sector in the Non-technical popular Category. With the revised vacancies in RRB NTPC Recruitment 2019, the competition to win the race has increased tenfold. The struggle is real but will definitely reap great rewards.

With each day that progresses, aspirants battle with innumerable questions regarding the RRB NTPC Exam, its syllabus, its exam pattern and the categories it is held for. Well, team Edu-Drives understands the anxiety that rules your mind and the ambition that needs the best guidance. From assembling everything you need to know about the RRB NTPC Exam 2019 exam pattern and syllabus before you begin your preparation to guiding you at every step; our esteemed faculty is tirelessly striving to lay out the best preparation tips for all the subjects that build the RRB NTPC question paper.

The main categories that mold the RRB NTPC Exam question paper are General Science, General Awareness, Arithmetic and reasoning. Having covered the most important and successful tips for emerging with flying colors in the RRB NTPC Exam 2019, today’s post will lay out the expert plan for one of the most challenging sections- General Awareness. To know the RRB NTPC General awareness syllabus click here.
RRB NTPC Preparation plan for General Awareness

General Awareness makes up for an extremely challenging category since it involves profound knowledge of the culture, heritage and events around the globe. In the RRB NTPC Exam this section comprises of 40 questions that hold an importance of 1 mark each.

The scoring categories that will prepare you well enough to score high in this section are-

  • National News, International News, Sports news, Agreements- all current affairs
  • Environmental Issues Concerning India and the World
  • History and facts about Indian Railways
  • Heritage of India( Art and Culture)
  • Indian Geography
  • Latest Scientific and technological advancements
  • Politics and concerned current affairs
  • UN and other World organizations
  • Economy of India and the world
  • Indian literature
  • Sports

Since this section includes negative marking, so 1/3rd (0.33) of the marks allotted for each question will be deducted when you answer a question incorrectly.

Important tips for your RRB NTPC General Awareness preparation:

1. You must religiously get into the habit of reading the newspaper daily to gradually acquaint yourself of the major events happening around the world. If you have difficulty trying to remember every important detail then you must start making notes to daily revise the major economical, technical, scientific and other advancements that have taken place.

2. Another important phase is solving RRB NTPC previous year question papers. This will not only help you in understanding the main focus of the exam but also acquaint you about the level of difficulty. The more RRB NTPC questions you solve, the better you will prepare for the main exam.

3. One major advice that every renowned faculty gives to its students is that you must never back out from practicing your concepts as much as you can. Gather the best study material for RRB NTPC Exam 2019 and solve as many RRB NTPC online test series as possible. Once you’re done with your complete syllabus, you must attempt RRB NTPC mock tests regularly to evaluate your level of preparation and rectify your mistakes. After all, practice makes a man perfect.

4. Read yearly books that give you precise knowledge about the events that have happened across the country. Make notes and revise these bulletins regularly because revision will immensely boost your preparation and performance. Some good yearbooks are Manorama yearbook, India yearbook and Mathrubhumi yearbook.

We hope that you leave no stone unturned to make your dreams come true. Good luck!

Tips to perform better in the RRB NTPC Exam 2019

The Railway Recruitment Board conducts the RRB NTPC exam for the Non -Technical Popular categories. This exam not only one of the most popular exams in India but is an excellent opportunity for all candidates seeking a government job in the railway sector. With all the perks the government-job category in the railway sector has to offer, the competition for the vacancies is unimaginable. The RRB has announced approximately 1.3 Lakh vacancies embracing the RRB NTPC Exam 2019.

Candidates strive all throughout the year with an ambition to attain a government job that not only provides immense respect but also unprecedented personal growth. Aspects that follow the aspiration of clearing this exam are determination, concentration, hard work, and the correct strategy of preparation. To ensure that your RRB NTPC Exam 2019 preparation plan is efficient and you conquer what you desire, team Edu-Drives has enlisted the most eminent resources to boost your performance in the RRB NTPC Exam 2019.

  1. Previous years’ RRB NTPC Exam question papers:

  2. It is extremely important for students to get an idea about the level of difficulty of the RRB NTPC Exam. We know that the RRB NTPC Exam 2019 syllabus, the RRB NTPC exam pattern and the RRB NTPC notification 2019 holds utmost importance, but what’s equally important is the experience of previous year’s RRB NTPC Exam. The category of questions dominant in the RRB NTPC previous year question papers will give you an insight into what you really need to focus on, and where you are with your preparation. So, make it a point to solve as many previous year question papers as you can before the big day!

  3. Newspapers

  4. Your preparation for General Awareness section in RRB NTPC Exam 2019 will enhance tenfold once you get into the habit of being an avid reader. Yes of course, books are a good deal, but we’re focusing on newspapers here. Regularly reading newspapers will acquaint you better about what’s happening around the globe, and you’ll constantly be preparing for the big exam even when you’re simply sitting on a chair, relaxing. The standard of vocabulary used in today’s newspapers is exceptional and will do wonders to your own too. We recommend ‘The Hindu’ newspaper if you want to enhance your general awareness and vocabulary efficiently.

  5. Online test series and mock test papers

  6. What’s better than practicing more and more? It’s important for aspirants to keep a constant check on their level of preparation. By attempting more and more RRB NTPC Exam online test series and RRB NTPC Exam mock tests, you’ll understand your setbacks better and strategize your plan of action. There are several RRB NTPC Exam 2019 pendrive courses that offer ample questions apart from a large number of mock test papers to help aspirants perform better. You can now get unparalleled conceptual knowledge from the best teachers in the country coupled with a structured test series. Boost your performance with the correct resources.

    All that you need is the will and determination to exploit your potential to the fullest. Build a strategy that focuses on preventing wastage of time. Where usually most of the candidates waste time in commuting, you can think more practically and go for online or pendrive courses for RRB NTPC Exam that offer the best and ensure success. Do it the smart way!

Best ways to prevent stress during competitive exams and score better

In the words of Lou Holtz, “It’s not the load that breaks you, it’s the way you carry it.” If you’re experiencing vague moments of anxiety while preparing for the RRB NTPC Exam 2019, or you’ve already begun fretting over the question paper of other upcoming government exams 2019, then you’re not the only candidate sailing in that boat.

Often candidates tend to spend ample time trying to psychologically evaluate their performance in an exam that is yet to knock at their door. What does that lead to? Precious moments wasted in distress and a healthy mind battling with agitation. While a certain degree of fear might foster a disciplined plan of action, the probability of uncontrolled nervousness results in poor performance by candidates.

There are many reasons that contribute to panic attacks during competitive exams:

  • The fear of poor performance, the stress of competing against a large number of applicants
  • Peer pressure
  • High expectations of family members
  • Mental and physical exhaustion
  • The belief that there will be scarce career opportunities in the future

To save you from grasping at straws, team Edu-Drives has formulated the best tips to overcome stressful thoughts and prepare for the RRB NTPC Exam 2019 in full swing.

  1. Adopt the right strategy for preparation

  2. Preparation is the key to the door of success and the most accurate strategy will ensure a successful result. Gather the best content when it comes to study material for RRB NTPC exam 2019. There are certain online pendrive courses for RRB NTPC Exam 2019 that will not only teach you stellar concepts, but will also ensure that you are prepared for every level of difficulty of RRB NTPC Exam 2019. Believe us when we tell you that nothing ignites success like the right guidance from the start.

  3. Don’t let distractions hamper your journey

  4. Have you been hit by the storm of procrastination where you’re looking for reasons to avoid the task at hand? Before it actually hit me, I really thought not completing due tasks was some kind of joke, but no. Wasting golden hours of your day because you’ve lost the motivation to study is harmful, yet regretful. Let the distractions take a nap till you decide to take a break.

  5. Take up mock tests regularly

  6. You must join the RRB NTPC online test series or ensure that your study content offers RRB NTPC mock test papers to evaluate your preparation with each and every step forward. Regular evaluation tends to provide a reality check to aspirants, which further leads to a modified plan of action and enhanced preparation techniques. Opt for pendrive courses with mock tests and RRB NTPC question papers to get a better idea of where you stand, and perform better while there is time.

  7. Take appropriate rest

  8. We agree that the pressure of competing against lakhs of students can be nerve-racking, but with a healthy mind and a relaxed body you can enhance your performance tenfold. Outdo your own records by improving your performance with every day that passes, but you must also take sufficient time to rejuvenate your mind. Adopt recreational activities, go for a stroll in the park or simply listen to music, but remember, you deserve a break too!

With a mind that has set itself free from the shackles of stress and anxiety, you’re bound to come out with flying colors. Good luck!

Successful Tactics to Gear up for the SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the combined graduate level (CGL) exam every year which is also one of the most popular and prestigious exams of the country. SSC CGL exam in India is known to be the stairway to a reputable life for all its successful aspirants. Where the vision of a reputable position, job security and various other perks draws students towards it, the aspect of an unplanned approach, insufficient awareness about the exam and improper preparation techniques, creates hurdles in their journey. To evade all that hinders your success, and make you aware about all that can work as a catalyst, we have listed the top 4 strategies that’ll aid you in your preparation for the BIG exam.

  1. Understand what the exam is about

What is SSC? What is the combined graduate level exam for? What does it offer? What is the syllabus and exam pattern that it follows? These are some of the essential questions whose answers you should know prior to beginning the preparation. Once you’re aware of the important ssc recruitment details, you will begin your preparation in the correct direction for sure.

  1. Start with the basics

Overconfidence can be more of a bane than a boon. What aspirants forget is that the greatest success mantra is to be thorough with your basics, and then climb the ladder. So, before jumping on to the most difficult, master the easiest.

  1. Practice with unsolved questions

The more and more unsolved questions you solve, the more tricks and strategies you learn. Edu-drives pendrives contain a vast variety of practice questions as unsolved examples that help you prepare in the most accurate manner, and thus proves to be the perfect pendrive course for SSC and Bank exams.

  1. Follow resources that are a boon to you

The resources you study from play the major role in deciding how your preparation is and thus should be the best. Beneficial SSC study material in the form of online SSC coaching videos, better practice questions and the best SSC mock tests will help your boat sail through the exams, and will prove to be the best coaching for SSC, that fulfills all the three major requirements, plus also saves time.

We hope these 4 strategies will help you in gearing up for the tier 1 exam, and come through with flying colors. Good luck!